Saturday, 12 November 2016

Hi welcome to my blog.. I haven't been on Blogger for a long time so need to get back to grips with it and establish what I am doing really. So this may be an experiment for me as much as it is for you!! Enjoy ;)

The purpose of this blog is to write about a subject which I don't think receives a great deal of coverage (and where it is covered it is not presented in the format that I want to present it in). I am currently a Single Mum to three boys, one of whom is now grown up (he is now 18) and also two small boys (twins in fact) who are 6 years old. On top of my every day job as a Mummy I have also been studying full time at University for a Literature Degree for the last three years - which I have recently completed.

The aim of this blog is to talk about many subjects, but, with a huge slant towards the challenge of parenthood (whilst doing something as full on as a full time degree with several children) as well as discussing some of the obstacles which I met along the way. What it would be nice to have on here is an open, honest and sometimes (hopefully) humorous discussion about both the benefits and disadvantages I was faced with whilst doing this day to day, as well as just discussion generally about our lives, parenting and also things that occur to me in the every day. I am also interested in dispelling some of the myths around single parenthood as I feel that as a group, we are massively discriminated against both socially and in the media, and that misconceptions, frankly can be nonsense. I am interested in hearing from all parents - but particularly from single mothers across the spectrum as it is interesting to show what a diverse group we are and my intention is for this to be a place where parents can support each other.

As well as Parenting and Literature (which is obviously my most recent focus) my interests include Fashion, Art (I also have an Art background with 2 years at Art School when younger) and Political debate. I consider myself left wing and I do get involved in Political debate on Twitter (whether positively or negatively you can judge for yourself) on a regular basis but my blog here is not predominantly about politics but to share with you my day to day parenting experiences, thoughts and feelings and hopefully gets some feedback also.

I am also a fan of some of the current parenting blogs particularly "Constance Hall",
"The UnMumsy Mum" and current other favourite blog is "Peter and Jane" (the one where the wife takes a sardonic view on parenting and drinking wine and berating the children as beasts).
I enjoy the style of Constance's blog especially, as I feel that what she has to say is

particularly refreshing in the wake of so much Conservatism which currently exists within parenting literature - particularly on Social Media and whilst I do not aim to emulate her blog I do take some inspiration from it.  In addition to this I also liking "Someone's Mum" at the moment. I am currently looking at other blogs also and will be happy to possibly link some on here at a later date.

In addition to this I also like to take pictures (not fantastically but not too badly either) on my Samsung and then inflict these on the viewing public on Instagram, I may inflict some of these on you also. Some of them are not too bad but are obviously taken with limited means whilst rushing from place to place. Bonus points go to me as I live near the Sea which makes for gorgeous pictures and I am also frequently in Canterbury - more gorgeous pictures. I am also guilty of the odd selfie (or 5 thousand) on Instagram, I promise not to do this too much but you may however now and then get a shot of my mug. Am I a bit old for such indulgent behaviour? Probably.. Do I partake in it?? Definitely.

Lastly, I am not afraid of swearing, it holds no special taboo for me in blogging or on a day to day basis and whilst I would not do it in front of your grandmother (unless she had a good old swear too) or my children, I reserve the right to do it here now and then -intermittently. If you are not a fan errm close your eyes? IDK? 

Overall, what I want to have, is an open honest discussion which will sometimes be serious with a bit of fun along the way and people are are welcome to come and get involved. As long as you don't act like an arse as otherwise you will be chucked off. It is my pub and I WILL BAR YOU. Anyway, with that out of the way, all that's left to say is that, I hope you like the sound of this and I look forward to peoples involvement. 

P.S: Please excuse the current format. I will sort it and make it look a bit more funky (sex it up a bit) once I get a minute ....... :)

Cheers SJ  :)